Lawyers, Don’t Get Left Behind: Build Your Online Presence and Business

For years, attorneys built their book of business with word of mouth marketing. Well, guess what, the Internet is the new word of mouth marketing and transforming the way legal services are both purchased and delivered. The landscape is changing rapidly and getting an understanding of what is available and how to use them may be the difference, 5 years from now, of a successful, growing practice or a stagnant, dying practice. Put your practice on a path to success by working with me to build your online presence and get found by potential clients and referral sources.

Remember, your online presence is the new first impression and you will be building both your online brand and reputation. It is also a process that takes months and even years to see the fruits of your labor. From local directory listings to LinkedIn, these are powerhouse tool for lawyers and there is unlimited opportunity. Working with CPN Legal, we create a plan and implement it in a step-by-step process adhering to ethical rules.

Your online marketing starts with having a quality website.

You need a website and a good one. You need a website that is:

  1. Built on a platform that includes a mobile design
  2. Built by someone who knows a thing or two about law firm services
  3. Built with Search Engine Optimization tools
  4. Hosted with a trusted company
  5. Updated and backed-up regularly
  6. Easy to update with new content
  7. Includes a blogging feature
  8. Priced for a solo/small firm budget – $99/mn.

CPN Legal sends our clients to Avvo websites to get a law firm website that has all of the above features. We trust Avvo to take good care of our clients. Contact Avvo here to get started on your new website!

Here are additional plans available to help get you on the road to creating online presence:

  • $450: Let us build you a LinkedIn profile that is optimized for both LinkedIn searches and Google searches. We build profiles for lawyers that adhere to ethical rules related to lawyers and social media. We will find LinkedIn Groups for you to join in order to grow your network and train you on how to use the LinkedIn Publisher too – a great blogging tool. In addition, we will build you a firm LinkedIn company page.
  • $700: Includes the above package plus the creation on a Google+ profile and a Google+ Business Page.  We will also verify that your Google Local Business page  so you show up on Google maps.
  • $150: Create a Facebook business page.
  • $750: We will list you on up to 20 local and legal directories, claim profiles for you and make sure all of the directories you are listed on link back to your website/blog and are setup for Google searches. This includes delivering a spreadsheet with all directories listed with user IDs and passwords.

   LinkedIn for Lawyers: Building Relationships in a Digital World

LinkedIn for Lawyers